Bandage wrap - wrist

Bandage wrap wrist for extra support. Because the bandage is a wrap, it is easy to put it on. By means of the Velcro closure you can attach the wrap firmly so that it does not come off and can continue to provide the correct support. Partly because of its elasticity, it is comfortable to wear, but can also provide the desired support.



The Bandage Wrap – Wrist is an elastic wrap with a Velcro closure. By putting the wrap tightly around the wrist, the muscle is relieved. This makes it easier to perform certain actions again. The bandage wrap can be worn during sports, but also for daily use. Common complaints are RSI in the wrist or a mouse arm. These complaints arise because the muscle in the wrist becomes overloaded. Because the muscle is overloaded, it will hurt if you want to use it. To reduce these complaints, the muscle needs support. The bandage wrap-wrist gives the wrist muscle the right support. This allows you to perform certain actions without straining the wrist. The wrist can also recover due to the extra support of the bandage wrap wrist. The elastic wrap bandage can be used during sports or for daily use.
Machine Washable.

Width: 7cm
Length: 25cm
Weight: 13 grams

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