Beasy Premium Transfer Boards

Beasy Premium Transfer Boards are available in 3 different sizes with a weight limit of 181kgs. They offer a safe transition from wheelchair to: car; bed; bath; commode and more, therefore making transitions easier and safer for patients and their care givers.



Beasy “Premium” Transfers Boards are the industry leader for high quality, high functioning transfer boards. These plastic transfer boards are made from a patented DuPont polymer.

The patented Beasy Technology places the user on a safe, stable seat. As the seat moves easily across the base of the system, not the user’s skin. Consequently, shear forces and friction, present in some other transfer techniques and which cause or contribute to tissue breakdown, are eliminated.

  • Reduce Risk of Injury – No lifting means that soreness and injury to the patient’s shoulders and arms are greatly reduced.
  • Tissue Friendly – The Beasy technology places the user on a safe, stable seat. As the seat moves easily across the base of the system with the user on it, friction of movement is borne by the system, not the patient’s skin. Consequently, shear forces and friction which cause or contribute to tissue breakdown are eliminated.
  • Improved Independence – Provide upright, dignified lateral slides, unlike any other lift or transfer device currently on the market.
  • Strong and Flexible – Made from State-of-the-Art DuPont polymers . Our transfer boards have been weight tested to over 1100 lbs. without cracking or breaking.


  • Made of exceptionally strong plastic.
  • Unlike standard transfer boards, friction is eliminated making transfers easier and more comfortable.
  • Each uniquely shaped board has a safe, comfortable disc that supports the user’s weight as it glides on the board’s track during transfer.
  • Each disc rotates 360° to allow for easy placement and ease of transfer.
  • Easily portable for storage and travel
  • Weight Capacity: 181kgs
  • TGA registered
Name / CodeDescriptionSpecifications


The 40″ (101cm)“Original S-shaped board”.
Ideal for automobile transfers.
Length: 101cm
Width: 30cm
Weight: 3.4kgs
Beasy 11
This 28″ (71cm) board is perfect for small areas such as bathrooms.Length: 71cm
Width: 30cm
Weight: 2.1kgs
This 32″(81cm) board is a great solution for situations when the arm of the wheelchair is not removable or the wheel is an obstacle.
Also ideal for car transfers.
Length: 81cm
Width: 25cm
Weight: 2.3kgs

  Premium Boards Instruction Guide HMS161221


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