Genteel® Lancing Device for Pets

The Genteel® Lancing Device allows pet owners to easily check blood glucose levels at home without pain!
Frequent testing at home helps you and your vet determine the best way to regulate your pet’s diabetes. The only device approved for animal use.

Great For Everyone With Diabetes
Type I, Type II, Gestational, Adults, Children, Even Pets.

The Genteel Lancing Device comes boxed and includes 1 Genteel Device, 2 nozzles, 6 contact tips, instructions, 10 butterfly lancets and personalisation stickers.

To be used with Butterfly Touch Lancets only.



The Genteel® Lancing Device is a great option for pets that require frequent blood sugar testing. Regular testing of your pets BSL’s at home will help you and the vet determine the best way to regulate and manage your pet’s diabetes. Frequent testing gives better control of the disease and a healthier pet.  Knowing if your pet is experiencing a ‘high’ or ‘low’ without having to do an emergency trip to the vet can not only save money, but gives the ability to manage their diabetes at home.

The Genteel® Lancing Device will make testing at home easier and is painfree for your pet. This device makes testing simple and avoids the added stress and costs of the frequent visits to the vet.

The Genteel® Lancing Device, with its patented Butterfly Touch and Vacuum Technology, draws blood from anywhere on the body without pain and gives the perfect amount of blood the first time.

To be used with Butterfly Touch Lancets only.

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