Pill organiser - week

Pill Organiser – week, leads to responsible medication use. If you have to take different medication every day, it is very important that you do not forget to take them. Having a clear overview of what you have taken or need to take, prevents the possibility of not taking or over dosing on your medication. That is why it is important to have a good medication management system.



The Pill Organiser from Vitility is more of a Medication Cassette. It has a weekly partition from Monday to Sunday and a daily partition morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime. Medications can now be put out for a whole week and per day in the Medication Cassette.

The Pill Organiser – week is easy to use. The top of the Medicine Cassette is easy to slide off, making it easier to place your medication in the compartments. However, this is not useful if you have to get the medication to take them. Every day division has a transparent slide that you can slide from top to bottom. You start with morning at the top and as the day goes on, you move down one box each time. If you do not have the motor skills to remove the medication, you can also turn the cassette over so that the medication falls out. Thanks to the handy system, only the medication you need will fall out.


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