Sil-Fixx Silicone Tape


Sil-Fixx Silicone Tape is a reliable and pliable fixation tape. Remains in place until you decide to remove it. No irritation, no tearing of skin and no sticky residue.




Sil-Fixx Silicone Tape  is a soft silicone dressing tape. This new technology incorporates the silicone into the PU base tape. It is highly permeable and conforming to the skin. Has a slight tinge but is transparent so therefore can see the skins integrity underneath.

  • Sil-Fixx is soft, pliable and comfortable to wear.
  • This silicone tape removes easily without disrupting the fragile skin layers and therefore ideal for the elderly and the very young
  • Is the ideal choice of tape for patients requiring repeated application and removal of tape to the same area.
  • Sil-Fixx will tear easily by hand to the desired length without compromising the strength of the tape
  • Has excellent adhesive property, waterproof, higher skin adhesive power – the corners don’t peel off once applied when immersed in water as compared to existing paper blended/non-woven based silicone tape
  • Can be used under tubings to offer some gentle skin protection
  • Higher conforming property due to PU backing as compared to existing tapes
  • Sil-fixx can be reapplied without losing the adhesiveness, no hair removal, no sticky residue



1.9cm x 1.5m Roll

Box 6 rolls


2.5cm x 1.5m Roll

Box 6 Rolls

SF25502.5cm x 5m RollBox 6 Rolls


5cm x 5m Roll

Box 4 Rolls


5cm x 1.5m Roll

Box 4 Rolls


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