Surfaceskins are door push pads which self disinfect in the vital seconds, between one user and the next to help STOP the spread of germs and break the chain of infection.
Surfaceskins are effective against bacteria and some viruses, such as coronavirus. They have been successfully validated by numerous in vitro trials including NHS laboratories and internationally renowned microbiology research organisations.



Surfaceskins solve a serious infection control problem and complement existing gel dispensers and hand cleaning. Hand washing and gel dispensers clean hands, but as soon as you touch a door you risk becoming contaminated from a previous door user. Surfaceskins DO NOT  clean hands. The pads work by killing the deposited germs and bacteria in the VITAL seconds between one user and the next passing through the door. Therefore helping prevent the spread of some of the germs, viruses and bacteria associated with healthcare associated infections.
Surfaceskins work by releasing a small amount of gel under the fingers and hands when pressed by door users. This will then immediately self-disinfects the area touched.

  • Compliments existing hand washing and cleaning techniques
  • Proven performance data in multiple successful in vitro trials – NHS and private laboratories
  • Low cost, minimal capital outlay and easy to fit
  • Designed to kill deposited germs in seconds, breaking the chain and spread of infection
  • Secretes alcohol gel under pressure to self disinfect the surface
  • Designed to last 1000 uses or 7 days





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