The combination of the gel and foam in the SYST’AM® MIXTE Cushion provides a larger contact surface area and therefore a more effective distribution of pressures. 
For patients at risk and to high risk of developing pressure areas.
2-year Manufacturers warranty.



The SYST’AM® MIXTE cushion is a combination of gel and foam: reticulated polyurethane gel avoids migration and thus prevents penetration (punching) of the cushion, and the high resilience foam base improves support to the bony protuberances. The cushion, therefore, provides better distribution, comfort and stability to the patient. The two layers are permanently bonded together – eliminating the risk of separation.
Is impermeable to fluids so is ideal for patients troubled by incontinence. The Pollymaille cover has welded seams to prevent fluid ingress.

    Systam Mixte P314C Cushion HMS

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