ViscoFlex ®+ Cushion

ViscoFlex ® + Cushion is suitable for those patients at a very high risk of pressure ulcer development.



The ViscoFlex ® + Cushion is an anatomically shaped cushion made of viscoelastic memory foam. It molds gently and precisely to the contour of the seating area, therefore providing greater stability.
The shape combined with the mechanical properties of viscoelastic foam increases the area of contact with the cushion, thus producing a very distinct reduction of transcutaneous pressure, improving patient stability, position and comfort.
A high weight-bearing foam insert structures the ViscoFlex ® + cushion and acts as a framework that increases or reduces support on certain zones in order to:

  • Provide optimal sinking of the bony protuberances of the pelvis (sacrum, ischia) in the cushion: thus, sufficient immersion of the risk zone to ensure the best pressures distribution.,
  • Transfer pressure to cushion zones with higher-bearing foam, located in relation to body parts with less risk (thighs, peripheral buttock zone)
  • Prevent forward sliding, thanks to the front-to-back incline, particularly in cases of pelvic retroversion

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