Viscoflex®+ Cushion with Pommel

Viscoflex®+ Cushion with Pommel is suitable for patients considered to be very high risk and with forward sliding.



Viscoflex®+ Cushion with Pommel is for the treatment and prevention of forward sliding in patients when in the sitting position. This is a very common postural deficit in geriatrics. It is therefore essential to use a support cushion that will achieve good posture. The pommel is completely separate from the cushion.

  • Simplifies the setting, adjusting and transferring.
  • Completely covered and therefore provides an impermeable barrier against urine.
  • Anatomically shaped to suit the natural curve of the thighs and the natural opening angle of the lower limbs.
  • Polymaille cover has a chair attachment to keep the cushion in position.
  • Pommel is molded from high resilient foam for optimal comfort at pressure zones.
  • It has its own cover that attaches to the cushion cover.
  • Available in 3 sizes.

    Viscoflex P361CA + Cushion with pommel HMS


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