Viscotech® Plus Contour Cushion

The Viscotech® Plus Contour Cushions are a pressure-relieving High-Risk wheelchair cushion. They are a contoured memory foam medical cushion designed to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers for those up to 108kg.
Made in Britain and have a 3 year manufacturers warranty.



Viscotech® Plus Contour Cushions are made with a specially contoured composite visco-elastic and foam.  The cushion has excellent pressure relieving qualities and provides superb comfort. The contouring design of the cushion provides stability and increases the contact surface area, therefore pressure is distributed over a larger area.

The Plus Contour cushions are available with either a cost-effective sewn or with a welded seam PU cover. Both feature a non-slip base and have a wide flap to protect the zip area from fluid spills. The zip should always be placed at the back of the chair away from the patient’s leg.
The fabric used has a two-way stretch with an integral antibacterial agent.

These covers can be laundered following normal hospital procedures including the use of decontaminants.
The Viscotech Plus Contour Cushion-Sewn is ideal for use on a wheelchair, car seat and is also suitable for other types of seating.

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